About Last Night…

About Last Night…

Trying to figure out the words to describe last night are near impossible for me.  We spent the night before making sure the room looked perfect, and the sound was worthy of the best concert the people attending have been to.  The lights were positioned just so, and the band was perfectly in tune.   I was beyond excited and if I was to be honest, a little scared.  These songs that I was about to share are all so personal and a part of me, that I almost felt as though I was expressing a part of me that no one has seen or heard from me before.  

I had a full hair and makeup team,  I felt like a star!  It’s amazing what some hair spray and face paint can do for your self confidence!   The night started out with Chris Ryan, then followed by Paul Brace and The Secrets.  They all did a wonderful job getting the crowd all fired up.  I stayed in the green room preparing myself to step on that stage, my band mates kept coming back to check on me and my best friend stuck by my side saying all the right things to keep me calm-ish. Don-e Coady was a wonderful host throughout the evening and got me all fired up to step on that stage.

The room was filled with people, some that I knew and some that I didn’t.  As soon as I stepped on that stage I felt an energy like I’ve never felt before…  I won’t ever forget that moment,  there were times I felt as though I might burst into tears, not because I was suffering from stage fright, but because I was so happy that all these people had gathered in this room for the sole purpose of listening to what I had created while working with Rob Wells and Shobha.  

The band had a surprise for me…  it was the most delicious strawberry cake I have ever eaten, and was made by my drummer (Dan George) Mother.  She even drew my album cover right on the cake…  and it looked just like the cover.

Now the fun begins…  We need to shop this record out to all the right people..  And make some BIG things happen!